Vendor/Artist Information & Registration

Thank you for your interest in being part of one of our events!

Please read all of the information below before submitting the application below.

Our events are outdoors; there is no electricity. Exhibitors/artists need to provide their own internet connection.

All exhibitors/artists are responsible for collecting and reporting the appropriate amount of sales tax on items sold.

Exhibitors/artists must be ready to sell by 8:45am and remain open until the end of the event.

Exhibitors/artists will be provided one rectangular table and one chair per space. If additional tables or chairs are needed, they are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

We reserve the right to assign exhibitor spaces, to reduce like-exhibitors from being situated next to each other, to accommodate pop-ups and to support social distancing. Note that booth boundaries will be enforced.

Exhibitors/artists are required to donate one item with a minimum retail value of $10 to our raffle fundraiser. Please describe your raffle item below so we may use the information in our advertising. The profits from the raffle will contribute to the May Arboretum Society’s mission of supporting the May Arboretum and Botanical Garden.

Exhibitors/artists agree to support the latest guidelines in place to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19, including, if applicable: 1. wearing a mask; 2. promoting social distancing at each booth space; and if applicable, 3. using a “money handler.”

**Note: LAVENDER DAY EVENT – All vendors/artists who are selected to participate must include items that are made from, influenced by, or depict lavender and/or the color purple.