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Garden Lecture Series: What is Organic Gardening?

A Guest Lecture Series from the May Arboretum Society

Join us for a guest lecture series on gardening in Northern Nevada, where you'll gain valuable insights and uncover the secrets to flourishing gardens in our unique climate from a master gardener. Discover practical tips and techniques that will help you create a thriving garden that can withstand the challenges and embrace the beauty of our region.

Sunday June 9   1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

$25 for Public, $20 for MAS Members

What is Organic Gardening?

Garden Lecture Series

There is more to organic gardening than just not using pesticides. Home gardening research is indicating that organic methods to control diseases and insects in our gardens are effective.  These scientifically researched methods of gardening result in a more diverse population of plants and beneficial insects than the highly damaging synthetic chemical use of the 50 years ago. Organic alternatives to almost every synthetic herbicide or pesticide exist and will help, but the way we garden influences the need for controls. We will discuss companion planting, crop rotation, watering methods and which beneficial insects we want to encourage into our gardens.

About Suzanne Adams

Suzanne has been perfecting the art of plant illustration since 1995 and has been an avid gardener since 1970. This master gardener was selected to create the artwork for the cover of the Walking Tour of Idlewild Park and her artwork has been seen in several local galleries. She has been teaching plant illustration and gardening courses since 1980. Suzanne was awarded TMCC Continuing Education Instructor of the Year 2009 and was nominated for an award with the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development.

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